Life of Information Technology Pros

Life of an IT Professional

I many times get asked what a normal day for me is.  Define normal.  I don’t think there is a such thing in a life of IT work.  Everyday is something different, something else is on fire and everyone has to be a priority.  In a way, maybe that’s why I love what I do.  For the most part, we are called upon when a customer or user’s life maybe be burning around them.  Their PC, or maybe even a server, has crashed!  All of that company data, time, and money seems to have been lost for ever.  Hopefully they had a backup in place and we can just repair or replace the hardware and we can move on.  That is not always the case.  Sometimes we have to extract any data we can from a downed hard drive.  Those are the more sad times, but great learning experiences to understand the necessity of having a backup plan.  Other times, the “Internet” is down.  It’s always fun to understand or interpret what that actually means.  That could mean so many different things.  Most of the time, there is a bad cable or if it’s wireless, there maybe a flaky router situation.  Either way, unless the ISP is having issues, it’s usually an easy fix.  These are just a small handful of issues that IT Professionals see every day.  Never is there a dull day.

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